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What are the different ways I can pay for my skip?

Gone are the days of ‘’Cash Only’’ payments for Skip Hire Companies.

MC Environmental offer numerous ways to pay for your skip and we try to be as flexible as possible. The only stipulation that we have is that you must pay for your skip on delivery and not on collection unlike some companies

Can I pay for my skip over the phone?

Of course, Call our booking team on 02922 362538 and book your skip today.

Can I pay for a skip online?

Yes! Our online skip booking system allows you to book and pay for your skip in a few short steps. 

Do you accept cash?

Yes! We accept cash but would respectfully ask you to keep small coins to a minimum, the drivers tend to lose them at times. 

Do you take card payments on delivery?

 Yes! This is the most popular option with our customers. Our drivers carry card payment machines, these are also equipped with contactless which enables you to pay with your bank card using traditional chip and pin or with your mobile phone using Apple or Google pay.